mb convert encoding windows 1256

Check this: http://rayed /wordpress/wp-content/upload/lib.utf2win.php.txt Message: mb_convert_encoding() [function.mb-convert-encoding]: Illegal character encoding specified. And when i try iconv("windows-1256" ...This means that when a character can't be represented in the target charset, it can be approximated through ..... test it to convert from windows-1251 (stored in DB) to UTF-8 (which i use for web pages). ..... CP1256 is Arabic (not ISO-8859-6)There's no reason to believe that the error message is incorrect: Unknown encoding "WINDOWS-1256". You mention two functions: Supported ...Eclipse Doc Plugin (TGZ) - 7.2Mb cp1251_general_ci utf16 UTF-16 Unicode utf16_general_ci cp1256 Windows Arabic cp1256_general_ci cp1257 ...If you have access to the Multibye package, you can try it. See the PHP page here: up vote 0 down vote. Most of the solutions lack conversion to single-byte encoding. .... PHP Convert Windows-1256 encoded text to UTF-8.Windows code pages are sets of characters or code pages used in Microsoft Windows from the ISO-8859-2) or having no parallel encoding (like Windows- 1257 vs. Arabic, ANSI, ASCII derivation, 8-bit SBCS, Microsoft CP1256 ? Yes.Did you try the following? Not sure if it works, though. mb_convert_encoding($str ... how to convert Russian character to utf-8 in PHP using "Windows-1251", "utf- 8");//turn utf-8 to system encoding Windows-1251 (Russian).This function ignores any encoded-word specified in a character set not supported by the mbstring extension (e.g. Arabic windows-1256). Such encoded- words ...Jul 24, 2002 With MB enabled you can use multibyte character sets in regular expressions WIN1256, Arabic Windows CP1256 PostgreSQL supports an automatic encoding conversion between server and client for some encodings.Convert string to requested character encoding إنتبه إلى أننا نستخدم الرمز cp1256 للدلالة على مجموعة المحارف Windows-1256. في حال كانت مرمّزة باستخدام UTF-8، وبين الناتج الصحيح الذي ستحصل عليه عند استدعاء نسخة مكتبة mb من ذات الدالة.